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Video Padlock is a file encryption application specialized in protecting video files. It supports all the most widely used video codecs, such as FLV, MPEG, AVI, WMV, MOV, and QuickTime. Both encryption and decryption processes are fast and reliable, though times vary according to the protection level applied. The tool’s interface is clear and well-structured, suitable for all types of users.

The program requires you to enter a password the first time you launch it, which will be stored and used automatically every time you lock a video file. You will also need to key in your password every time you open the program, allowing you to unlock previously encrypted files.

Trying to find a balance between performance and security, the encryption process offers two possibilities. You can either encrypt the whole file, or just the first 20 Kb. In both cases, the video will not play, but when partial encryption is applied there is always a risk of misuse of the non-encrypted part of the file. As compensation, partially protected videos require less encryption and decryption times.

Not only is the data encrypted, but the name of the file too! The file also changes its original extension to LCK, thus allowing you to recognize it as a Video Padlock file. You will not be able to know which file is which though until you open the application – at that point, all LCK files will appear in the program’s interface showing their original names. This forces you to open Video Padlock any time you wish to play one of your protected videos. But if you only wish to play your video without unlocking and locking it again, you can then make use of the “Play” functionality, which will unprotect the file only while the program is in use.

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